Hi there!

My name is Johan Windahl. I’m the Managing Director here at Søder. Never mind the weird letter in our name. Or wait, do mind! Let’s start there: Think of our name and the letter ”Ø” as our agency compass, constantly spinning. Constantly trying to find the best possible way to move our clients forward. Because we believe that in an ever-changing communication landscape, we have to constantly renew our thinking. Renew the way we look at our world – or stagnate.

We offer a full service agency – with expertise ranging from strategy to design. From business development to technology. An agile, owner-driven agency, always working media-independently.

Today we have assignments within business-to-business, business-to-consumer, FMCG and Healthcare – with both national and international industry-leading brands, spanning from theme parks to cutting edge medical devices.

But enough fancy words and me tooting our own horn. We love coffee. And more importantly – we love to meet new people over a cup of coffee! Because when we meet, good stuff happens! So give me a call or email me and we can set up a meeting!

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Johan Windahl
Managing Director at Søder Advertising Agency

Ps. The coffee is not mandatory. You can choose any beverage you want.